WP.NET enables using WordPress 3.3 as a completely managed ASP.NET application on Windows in 32/64bit mode or on Linux using Mono. WordPress code is compiled for improved performance and safety resulting in an efficient way of running WordPress. Developers can create plugins in Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ 2010 using C#, Visual Basic, F# or another .NET language. As an ASP.NET application it’s also easy to integrate with existing .NET infrastructure.

Get started with WordPress on .NET.


We compile the actual source code of WordPress. This enables easy upgrade when a new version is out and also using of plugins available for normal WordPress build on PHP.


We compile WordPress to get the best performance which exceeds PHP 5.4. For more details, check out our benchmarks.


WP.NET runs on .NET as well as on Mono. It can be extended with standard PHP plugins, but also using other languages available on these platforms including C#.


If you are a developer you can use modern Visual Studio IDE with Phalanger Tools to get features like debuging of PHP code which greatly enhances your productivity.